National Fire and Aviation Executive Board


The mission of the National Fire and Aviation Executive Board (NFAEB) is to ensure federal fire management policy is documented clearly and concisely such that it can be interpreted effectively across all agencies dealing with fire. Additionally the NFAEB is responsible for implementing final action items of the Federal Wildland Fire Management Policy, and providing operational clarification on specific policy items.

Precipitating the NWCG reorganization effort was the integration of the National Fire and Aviation Executive Board (NFAEB) into the NWCG organization. The NWCG Executive Board saw opportunities with the integration to further implement changes to create efficiencies and to provide better service to the wildland fire community. Toward the end of 2008 a new organizational model for the “new” NWCG was developed. Implementation of this new organizational model began in earnest at the start of 2009. Under this new, larger-scoped group old working groups were decommissioned, functional areas were merged, and 14 new committees were defined. These committees were organized into three separate groups titled Branches. Three full-time, interagency NWCG positions were created to serve as coordinators for these branches. See Figure 2 for NWCG Structure Chart.

Source:NWCG Report for Fiscal year 2009 from