Western Regional Air Partnership (WRAP)

The Western Regional Air Partnership (WRAP) is a collaborative effort of tribal governments, state governments and various federal agencies to implement the Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Commission's recommendations and to develop the technical and policy tools needed by western states and tribes to comply with the U.S. EPA's regional haze regulations. Other common air quality issues raised by WRAP members may also be addressed.

The WRAP is administered jointly by the Western Governors' Association and the National Tribal Environmental Council. WRAP activities are conducted by a network of committees and forums composed of WRAP members and stakeholders who represent a wide range of viewpoints. The WRAP recognizes that residents have the most to gain from improved visibility and that many solutions are best implemented at the local, state, tribal or regional level with public participation.

Visit the WRAP website at http://www.wrapair2.org/

Source: Western Regional Air Partnership.2013. WRAP Home Page. Accessed 10 September 2013. http://www.wrapair2.org/