Fire Consortia for the Advanced Modeling of Meteorology and Smoke (FCAMMS)

The Fire Consortia for the Advanced Modeling of Meteorology and Smoke (FCAMMS) studies the atmospheric component of the fire environment, and its interactions with other components. FCAMMS brings scientists and managers together to create research which provides tools for field use and the basis for future scientific applications.

To aid in smoke management FCAMMS produces high resolution forecasts of weather and smoke.

The FCAMMS study the atmospheric component of the fire environment across space and time scales, and its interaction with other components, using a balance of basic and applied science to provide tools to the field now, and to create a basis for future science applications. They bring scientists and land managers together to create a focused research program and promote science delivery. The regional structure of the FCAMMS allows better coordination with land management needs and locally unique fire problems, but the science developed by the FCAMMS is globally relevant and shared among the regions as needed and appropriate.

FCAMMS products include high resolution regional and national model predictions of:

FCAMMS predictions are research based and experimental. They are designed to be testbeds for the next generation operational forecast products.

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