Central States Air Resources Agencies (CenSARA)

CenSARA promotes the exchange of information between our states and other interested parties related to the control of air pollution. These actions are to be accomplished within the scope of the air quality statutes and regulations. We are chartered to act as a forum to discuss air quality issues of common concern to the central states and to help identify options that can effectively resolve these issues; to recommend courses of action to our members; to adopt resolutions or policy statements for consideration and implementation by the membership or for their usage during the development of local, state and federal programs, regulations and laws.

To visit the CenSARA web site click the link: http://www.censara.org/

Source: Central States Air Resource Agencies. 2013. Central States Air Resource Agencies Home Page. Accessed on 9 September 2013. Available at http://www.censara.org/